About J1X

At J-1 Visa Exchanges, we are truly passionate about cultural exchanges. Our founder has been active in international exchanges for 30 years. In today’s interconnected world, we believe that international exchanges open our eyes to cultural differences, encourage cultural interaction and promote better understanding between people.


The J-1 visa Trainee and Intern programs allows participants to increase knowledge, enhance skills and develop new life-long friendships.

As a program sponsor, J1X carefully screens and selects participants, provides detailed pre-arrival and orientation information, monitors programs and provides ongoing support and assistance to participants and host organizations throughout the program. J1X’s diverse management team has broad experience in training and education and has extensive expertise in administering international exchange programs. We pride ourselves in delivering a highly efficient, personalized program experience. Working with J1X, you always have access to your dedicated program manager. We are there every step of the way to ensure your program experience is a successful one!