J-1 Visa Support for AttorneysJ-1 Visa Support for Attorneys

J-1 Visa Support for Attorneys

Efficient and reliable J-1 visa processing services for your clients

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J1X: Fostering Client-Attorney Relationships

J1 Visa Exchanges is your trusted partner for comprehensive J-1 visa support. We appreciate the critical role you play in helping your clients navigate the complexities of global migration.

We provide end-to-end guidance, understanding the unique intricacies of the J-1 visa process, and ensuring an efficient, hassle-free experience while always respecting the relationship you maintain with your clients. As a state-approved J-1 visa sponsor, we offer unmatched services in cultural exchanges.

We’re a Designated J-1 Visa Sponsor

As an established state-approved J-1 visa sponsor, J1 Visa Exchanges is proud to bridge international borders and foster meaningful learning experiences. We specialize in guiding international teachers, trainees, and internship aspirants from the initial application stages to their final departure from the US, post-program.

With our extensive expertise, we are committed to simplifying the J-1 visa process, creating a smooth journey for every individual. At J1 Visa Exchanges, we stand for more than just paperwork; we stand for global growth, cultural exchange, and international understanding.

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Providing Solid Support To Attorneys

We are dedicated to making the J-1 visa journey as smooth as possible for your clients. This includes everything from the initial application to the final departure from the U.S. Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to provide assistance, and guidance, and answer any queries you or your clients may have. Our commitment is to provide seamless, efficient, and reliable J-1 visa processing services, ultimately helping your clients to reach their international education and training goals.

Simplifying Your Part in the J-1 Visa Exchange Process

Understanding and navigating the intricacies of the J-1 visa exchange process can be challenging. We've streamlined the process to make it easier for attorneys and their clients.

Identifying the client’s on-the-job training areas

Each international applicant is unique with distinct training needs. Identifying these areas accurately is the first step to a successful J-1 visa application.

Drafting and signing of Form DS-7002

Form DS-7002 is a pivotal document that lays out the Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP). We guide attorneys through the drafting process and facilitate signing with all parties.

Vetting of the employer, foreign national, and proposed training

We thoroughly vet all parties involved to ensure compliance with J-1 visa regulations.

Orientation for the foreign national and employer

To ensure the success of the J-1 visa program, we provide comprehensive orientation for both parties, outlining their responsibilities and expectations.

Foreign national applies for the visa at the US consulate

The foreign national, armed with the DS-2019 and other required documents, applies for the J1 visa at the US consulate in their home country.

Issuance of Form DS-2019

Upon successful completion of the steps above, we issue Form DS-2019, the "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status".

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Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and flexibility. You, as an attorney, and your client dictate the level of your involvement in the process. We’re adaptable, and ready to offer comprehensive assistance at every step of the J-1 visa process, or we can work in the background, as you prefer. If you’re ready to provide your clients with exceptional, dedicated J-1 visa support, let’s get started. Remember, at J1 Visa Exchanges, we’re not just sponsoring visas, we’re empowering dreams and building bridges across borders.

Why J1 Visa Exchanges

Dedicated Account Manager

We understand the importance of swift responses and detailed updates. Hence, each case entrusted to us is assigned to a dedicated account manager. This personalized approach provides you with a single point of contact, ensuring all your queries are answered promptly and accurately. Our account managers coordinate your cases from initiation to completion, offering technical assistance and best practices on J-1 visa regulations. This dedicated service model enables you to provide your clients with informed, sound legal advice on every aspect of the J-1 process.

Innovative Use of Technology

Technology is integral to our operations. We have harnessed it to make your J-1 visa processing journey smoother and faster. Through Orion, our industry-leading J-1 Visa Management Information System, you gain full control of your client's J-1 visa cases. Orion offers industry-leading efficiency in visa processing, and there's even an option for seamless administration by integrating your existing system via our custom API. This innovation helps us deliver on our promise of quick and efficient services.

Pre-qualify Cases

Our expertise extends to pre-qualifying cases for the J-1 visa program. If you're unsure whether a particular case fits the J-1 visa criteria, we're always ready to review. We leverage our expertise to determine potential case eligibility, providing you with the guidance necessary to serve your clients effectively and efficiently.

Fast Case Processing

We pride ourselves on our streamlined case processing, which is the fastest among our peers. With a guaranteed 48-hour processing time for J-1 visas, we reduce the waiting time, resulting in satisfied, happier clients. This speed does not compromise quality, as our experienced team ensures thorough, accurate visa processing.

Broad Application Across Industries

We service a wide range of industries from Engineering, Law, Media, and Insurance, to Logistics and many more. The J-1 visa program can support international training needs across many sectors. Whether your clients are seeking to bring international talent into industries like Computer Science, Management, or Industrial Occupations, we have them covered. Our expansive J-1 visa support is adapted to the unique needs of diverse industries, enabling your clients to enhance their teams with international expertise.

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J1X: Your Partner in Facilitating International Career Advancements

Together, let’s make the dream of international education and training a reality for your clients. By partnering with J1 Visa Exchanges, you can leverage our expertise, personalized service, innovative technology, and fast processing times to deliver a superior J-1 visa experience. Stand out in your profession by providing your clients with the most efficient and effective path to global opportunities.

To learn more about how we can assist you in the J-1 visa process, feel free to reach out to our team. We are excited to partner with you in making the J-1 visa journey a breeze for your clients.


What type of J-1 visa programs do J1 Visa Exchanges offer?

We offer a range of programs including trainee, internship, and teacher exchange programs, catering to a wide spectrum of industries.

What industries or fields do you cover in your J-1 Visa Programs?

Our programs cover a diverse array of industries such as Engineering, Law, Media, Insurance, Logistics, Management, Computer Science, and more.

How can I be involved in the J-1 visa process for my client?

Your involvement is flexible and can range from marginal to direct involvement in every step, depending on your and your client's preference.

What is the DS-7002 Form and who is responsible for completing it?

The DS-7002 Form is a training/internship placement plan, which is drafted by us and signed by the employer and the foreign national.

What technology do J1 Visa Exchanges use to manage the J-1 visa process?

We utilize the industry-leading J-1 Visa Management Information System for efficient visa processing.

How can I pre-qualify a case for a J-1 visa?

You can send us potential cases and our team will gladly review them to determine eligibility.

What is the average processing time for a J-1 visa case with J1 Visa Exchanges?

We offer the fastest processing among our peers, with a guaranteed 48-hour processing of the J-1 visa.

How do J1 Visa Exchanges ensure compliance with J-1 visa regulations?

We ensure compliance by providing technical assistance and best practices on J-1 visa regulations.

What support can J1 Visa Exchanges offer to attorneys in handling J-1 Visa cases?

We provide a dedicated account manager for your case, access to our efficient visa management system, and fast case processing.

What are the responsibilities of the host organization in a J-1 visa program?

The host organization is responsible for providing the on-the-job training as outlined in the DS-7002 Form and ensuring a conducive learning environment.

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