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J-1 Host Schools

Hire highly qualified foreign teachers for your primary and secondary (K-12) school

The J-1 visa program can be a vital tool in your school and communities

Our teachers are experts in their subject field and have a deep passion for teaching. With many years of experience, they know just how to engage your students. J-1 teachers complete cross-cultural activities at your school, enhancing students’ knowledge of foreign cultures and customs.

The J-1 visa program can be a vital tool in your global migration strategy

Benefits of the program

The program offers several benefits. It allows schools to hire highly qualified teachers for both primary and secondary (K-12) levels for a period of up to 5 years.

These J-1 Teachers possess credentials equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree and have a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience. The initiative aims to facilitate an exchange between American and foreign educators, fostering cross-cultural activities within schools and local communities.

Through this program, J-1 Teachers engage in activities that enrich U.S. students’ understanding of diverse cultures, traditions, and teaching methodologies.

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Host school requirements

  • Accredited public and private U.S. primary and secondary schools (K-12)
  • Pre-kindergarten language immersion programs offered as regular courses of study by accredited primary schools

Important program requirements

  • Teaching positions must be full time (min. 32 hours per week) of teaching or teaching-related administrative activities
  • Must start at the beginning of the academic year
  • J-1 Teachers comply with any applicable collective bargaining agreement
  • Teaching positions, including duties, responsibilities, hours of employment, and compensation, are commensurate with those of similarly-situated U.S. teachers

As an esteemed J-1 visa sponsor, J1 Visa Exchanges assumes the responsibility of carefully assessing exchange visitors’ prior experience to ensure compliance with visa requirements.

We facilitate the issuance of J-1 visa forms that exchange visitors must carry when attending their visa interview at an American embassy or consulate abroad.

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How to Become a J-1 Host School

The streamlined process involves several key steps:

1. Host school defines areas best suited for exchange teachers: subjects/ grade levels

2. J1X identifies and screens foreign teachers for placement at U.S. host schools

3. J1X presents candidates; host schools interviews and makes hiring decision

4. J1X provides pre-arrival information and Orientation; issues form DS-2019

5. J-1 Teacher applies for the J-1 visa at a U.S. consulate in their home country

6. J1X process for reviewing the application and issuing Form DS-2019 takes no more than 2 weeks

The J-1 program has specific guidelines and limitations that host schools must adhere to.

For example, compensation offered to exchange teachers must be commensurate with those of similarly-situated U.S. teachers in the school district or host school.

Furthermore, the J-1 teacher exchange program must not be used to fill a labor need. This restriction helps maintain the program’s integrity and ensures that participants are placed in suitable roles aligned with their career objectives.

The J-1 program has specific guidelines and limitations that host organizations must adhere to.

Also, host schools are advised to only place teachers in positions that allow for maximum cultural exposure and offer participation in cross-cultural activities. These limitations help create a conducive environment for meaningful skill development and cultural exchange within the J-1 program.

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