J-1 Host OrganizationsJ-1 Host Organizations

J-1 Host Organizations

From small businesses to fortune 500 companies hosting J-1 trainees and interns from all over the world

The J-1 visa program can be a vital tool in your global cultural exchange strategy

Every year, numerous businesses and organizations across the United States open their doors to exchange visitors from around the globe, embracing the opportunity for mutual growth and learning.

The J-1 visa program can be a vital tool in your global migration strategy

Hosting an exchange visitor offers a truly rewarding and immersive experience for all parties involved.

As a host organization, you can expand your international networks and gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives, while exchange visitors gain hands-on experience in their respective fields and contribute their expertise.

The J-1 visa provides an opportunity for exchange visitors to engage in internships, training programs, research projects, or residency programs within the United States. The duration of these programs varies, ranging from three weeks to five years, depending on the eligibility of the exchange visitor under the specific J-1 visa category.

As an esteemed J-1 visa sponsor, J1 Visa Exchanges assumes the responsibility of carefully assessing exchange visitors’ prior experience to ensure compliance with visa requirements.

We facilitate the issuance of J-1 visa forms that exchange visitors must carry when attending their visa interview at an American embassy or consulate abroad.

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How to Become a J-1 Host Organization

As a host organization, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you have the opportunity to host J-1 trainees and interns. To qualify, you need to:

1. Identify overseas candidates that you intend to host

2. Possess the necessary resources to provide genuine on-the-job training

3. Offer or facilitate cultural activities for Trainees/Interns

4. Provide continuous supervision at the worksite

5. Complete program evaluations as required

The J-1 program has specific guidelines and limitations that host organizations must adhere to.

For example, trainees or interns cannot be assigned to unskilled or casual labor positions, ensuring that the program focuses on providing valuable learning experiences in professional environments.

Furthermore, positions involving child care, elder care, patient care, or direct patient contact are not eligible for hosting J-1 participants. This restriction helps maintain the program’s integrity and ensures that participants are placed in suitable roles aligned with their career objectives.

The J-1 program has specific guidelines and limitations that host organizations must adhere to.

Also, host organizations are advised to assign duties to trainees or interns that do not exceed 20 percent clerical work, allowing them to engage in more substantive tasks and gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields. These limitations help create a conducive environment for meaningful skill development and cultural exchange within the J-1 program.

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